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Technology » 1-to-1 iPad and Laptop Program

1-to-1 iPad and Laptop Program

Carnegie Preschool introduces technology in each classroom through the use of iPads. Children are able to use the iPads to reinforce math, language, writing, hand /eye coordination and science skills using educationally based apps during center time.
Lower School
In the Carnegie Schools Lower School, students have a unique opportunity to develop their technology skills by using iPads. Students can enrich their academics by supplementing their studies. They can do research and make presentations on various apps. For math the students can do scavenger hunts where they solve problems and check their answers. They also can practice their skills by playing games that make math fun. The students can also read a vast selection of books based on their individual interests and levels. After completing a book, they are able to take a quiz that tests their reading comprehension skills right from the iPad. Many tests are administered on the iPads so students can get immediate feedback. Also, students can review terms and concepts related to the subjects studied. Having access to iPads has benefited our students and helped prepare them for the next level of their education.
Upper School (Grades 7-12)
In the upper school, students are issued Windows laptops to help enhance their education at Carnegie schools. These laptops have touchscreens which allow students to interact with their electronic content. Most textbooks are assigned to students through their school Google account. This allows students to not have to worry about carrying around heavy textbooks. Students are also able to wirelessly display their content to the class in group or individual exercises. High school students can take their laptops home with them in order to complete and submit homework assignments. As so many colleges and universities require students to be familiar with using the Microsoft Office applications, the full suite of Microsoft Office apps are installed on all student laptops. That way when Carnegie graduates reach the college level they will already be familiar with how to use many of the applications that they will need in order to be successful in college and beyond. 
Parent/ Student Tech Agreement
Bellow is the parent/ student tech agreement. Parents and students must read this document carefully, and understand the restrictions set upon usage of all school technology at CSR.