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Information about the California Scholastic Federation (CSF)


            The organization known as the California Scholastic Federation was founded in 1921, and members of CSF are eligible for a variety of scholarships that are awarded to help fund future study at many universities in California and for select colleges nationwide. Regional committees award life membership to student-leaders based upon character, leadership abilities and volunteer service. Carnegie Schools Riverside operates a CSF chapter, which is open to membership for eligible high school students in grades nine through twelve.

            CSF membership in the local school chapter is awarded based upon posted academic grades that were recorded in the applicant’s previous semester of study. Incoming ninth grade students are not yet eligible for application into the local school chapter until they have exhibited one full semester of high school level academic work. Therefore, ninth grade students are eligible to apply for CSF membership at the beginning of the spring semester of the current school year. Students who are in grades 10 through 12 are eligible to apply for CSF membership based upon their grades from the previous semester. Membership eligibility is based upon a points system that is generated from a list courses that are categorized into three classes (Lists 1, 2 and 3). Further information about courses on these respective lists can be accessed at the following website:, and the following information gives further guidelines for potential applicants to consider and follow when applying for CSF membership.  

  1. An applicant must earn a minimum of 10 points from last semester's grades.
  2. The first 4 points must be from a LIST I course (unless you are a senior applying for membership in February or June).
  3. The first 7 points (including the four points described in part a must be from LISTS I and II.
  4. The remaining points may come from any LIST (I, II or III).
  5. You must use no more than 5 courses to qualify.
  6. No CSF points are given for physical education, courses taken in lieu of physical education, subjects repeated to improve a grade, courses involving clerking and office/teaching assisting, and courses taken on a pass/fail basis.
  7. CSF points are granted as follows: a grade of A = 3 CSF points, a grade of B = 1 CSF point. One additional point shall be granted for a grade of A or B in an AP, IB, or Honors course, up to a maximum of two such points per semester.   A grade of C = 0 CSF points, a grade of D or F in any course, even in one you cannot use to qualify, disqualifies you from membership for the current semester.
  8. Also remember: Semester membership is based on work done in the previous semester, a student must reapply for CSF membership each semester.

Generally speaking, high school courses that are considered to be on List 1 include many English Language Arts and literature courses, as well as upper level foreign language, math, social science (history) and science courses.  List 2 courses consist of business, art, criminal justice, geography and certain lower level algebra, grammar and science courses. List 3 consists mostly of courses in the visual and performing arts, home economics, health, industrial arts, agriculture and work experience classes. Applicants should consult the official published lists on the CSF website at or contact Mr. Jones through the Carnegie Schools main office number at 951-687-0077 or by email at